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      They say that friendship is the best foundation for marriage. Well that saying only remains a cliché until you meet Cris and Marlon. Theirs is a love story that would ring aloud the truth that the best relationship you can have with your spouse is one that is based on friendship. It all started when they were in their teens in the Youth for Christ Ministry. They got to know each other there and eventually became very close friends as they pursued their ministry work.
      There were many times that they would be assigned to work together but even when they were sent out to different places, their friendship still stood strong. Marlon eventually started courting Cris but it was not without challenges. There even came to a point where Cris was contemplating on becoming a nun.. Even if that would have been the case, Marlon was willing to give way and support Cris anyway. But obviously, that didn’t work out and the two eventually became what we know them to be now, husband and wife.
     They really know for certain that it was God that brought them together and seeing how everything fell into place, you would really have to agree. This lovely couple’s story has been a blessing to so many people’s lives including mine. When my sister and I met them, it felt like we’ve known each other forever. They were so down to earth and accommodating and I know our relationship will only go beyond our photo shoot and their wedding day.
       It was an absolute joy to be working for and with them and I could only be happy for them both because after 8 years of being together as a couple, their friendship and love has finally found a happily ever after in the altar.
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Marlon + Cris  //  Church: San Vicente Ferrer Church  //  Reception: Pryce Plaza Hotel  //  Photographer: Stefnaomi  //  Associate Photographers: Ap Yao & Carlo Gaid // Video: Ayong Paeste Videos  //  Coordination: Rosegine’s Bridal Shop  //  H&M: Sweet Piece  //  Bridal Gown: Don Velez  //  Cake: Nikon Cakes  // Florist, Invites, Fans, Giveaways: Marlon + Cris