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     Congrats to my dear friends for their upcoming wedding. My heart rejoices with these two because I know how in love they are. Their chemistry and happiness are screaming out of our photos! My camera absolutely loves them because as you can see, the couple is so gorgeous and that their whole Abercrombie theme just suits them perfectly because Albi and Jem simply exude that class and chic style together.

     I’m really satisfied with how the photo shoot went and thrilled because I got to spend time with Jem again. We’ve known each other years back in Manila when we were part of VCF. She was one of the nicest and kindest girls Ive known and it was a treat to take her photos. I really enjoyed my time with them… We had a small picnic by the beach and just talked about life, love and career. Something I would truly treasure forever. So to the two of you, enjoy your special day and the beautiful moments of the wedding preparations that leads to it… Happy for you both!