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              I’m very happy to share to the world this engagement shoot of a couple very dear to my heart. This love story traces back to their elementary days and speaks profoundly about how “first love never dies”. Its really heartwarming. We did the shoot last September and they were set to marry two days ago. I have been so excited for their wedding but got heartbroken because our flight was cancelled. I know their day went absolutely beautiful, which is why I really regret not being there to capture it. But anyway, I am there in spirit and my heart rejoices with them in that very happy occasion. I’m just really glad that I have gained new friends in Rye and Len. This after all, is what my “business” is all about, building relationships and keeping them forever.

Rye + Len // 1.18.14 // Location: Indigo Suites & Pavilion // Photo: Stefnaomi // Bride HMU: Leah Lim // Styling : Cloe Closa – TorresThe Balikbayan Box

Len Cantos -

I love this pre nup shoot! And of course I love our photographers. You were super nice, as in! You made us feel comfortable during the shoot. We can’t even hide our smile :) Thank you Naomi and Stef.

For those who would get them as photographers, get ready to have fun :)

From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you :) We’ve never met anyone as nice, passionate and talented as you two :)